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What is Samsung account?

  • December 16, 2022

The Samsung Account is your gateway to access all the company’s various services and applications on your Samsung phone, such as the Samsung Cloud service, which gives you a secure space to store and synchronize your data, the Find My Phone service, and other Samsung applications and services.

Information about Samsung Account

Giant technology companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and other companies provide and customize private account services for users.

For example, Apple provides an Apple ID service that serves as an account to access all of Apple’s services.

Also, Google provides a Gmail account that enables users to access and benefit from all the company’s services on devices, and the same applies to Microsoft and some other well-known companies.

And Samsung comes among these companies that provide its users with a service or a Samsung Account, which is no less important than the Google account and the Apple ID, as it provides some features that you will not find in the services of other companies.

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Features Samsung Account

Samsung Account provides basic features provided by Google account and Apple ID such as backing up data (photos, notes, calendar, contacts, Samsung Internet app, etc.) with the ability to restore data at any time.

It also provides an important feature known as Samsung Pass to manage passwords and data saved on the phone, and to log in to various accounts, applications, and websites through biometric authentication such as:

fingerprint sensor, iris print, or face print (face recognition), and Samsung claims that this feature It provides faster, easier, and more secure login processes than ever before.

Among the features offered by Samsung Account is the Group Sharing feature, which allows you to quickly and easily share content with your family and friends such as photos, notes, calendar, Hotspot

(Automatically sharing your Internet connection with people in your family group), and you can select people to share with from your family and friends through your contacts.

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The most important feature of the Samsung account

  • Remote unlocking: If you forget to lock your phone screen, whether a password or pattern, you can then cancel it without formatting or software and losing your data.
  • Make the phone ring even if it is silent: Your phone will ring for 1 minute at the highest volume even if it is set to vibrate or mute (silent mode) and this will be important and necessary in some cases inside the house or even in the office and after meetings and lectures.
  • Track my phone: You can track and follow your phone if it is lost or stolen.
  • Data Wipe: Format your phone remotely.
  • Backup your phone: You can back up your call history, messages, contacts, calendar, settings, etc.
  • Set Guardians: You can register a person as your guardian who can control your phone remotely, and this guardian will be able to locate your phone and turn on emergency mode by ringing your phone.
  • Call and Message Restore: With the Find My Device feature, you can restore your call and message history.

Samsung applications and services

Not only that, there are many Samsung applications and services that you access once you create this account on your phone, such as:

the Samsung App Store (Galaxy Store), the company’s Internet application, and the Smart Things application with which you can connect and control multiple devices faster and easier regardless of No matter where you are.

For example, smart devices and home appliances can be monitored and controlled.

Advantages of owning a Samsung account

Samsung accounts grant you access to exclusive apps such as Smart Things and Samsung Pay, as well as the ability to backup and restore data, sync between multiple devices, and assist you if you have forgotten your ID or password.

Enjoy various Samsung services through your Samsung account, without having to subscribe to each service separately.

 Not only does your Samsung account give you access to exclusive apps, like Smart Things and Samsung Pay, it lets you backup and it restore your data, sync between multiple devices, this will also help you if you have forgotten your ID or password.

Why should you register for the Samsung Account service?

Usually, the leading companies in the smart phone industry allocate the personal account service provided to users who buy phones for one of these companies, for example, we find the Apple ID service for iPhone users from Apple, as well as the Microsoft account for Windows Phone users, and not to forget, there is also a BlackBerry service ID for owners of BlackBerry phones and many other companies.

The purpose of these accounts is to provide exclusive benefits to everyone who uses one of these phones, as companies give them to users of their phones only.

The Samsung account service, which is for Samsung phones only, but many owners of Samsung phones do not use it.

When you buy a Samsung phone and start opening it for the first time, during the initial procedures you will be asked to create an account in the Samsung account service, but the majority press Skip or Skip and ignore it and content themselves with creating an Android account But let me,

In this matter, tell you about the reasons that prompt you to create a Samsung account if you are using a phone from the Korean company Samsung.

The best important of Samsung account

The Samsung account is no less important than the “Gmail” Google account, and therefore if you own a Samsung smartphone, it is necessary that you be logged in with this account on your phone in order to get all these advantages that it provides, the most prominent of which is remote control of the phone through the computer.

Samsung accounts grant you access to exclusive apps such as Smart things and Samsung Pay, as well as the ability to backup and restore data, sync between multiple devices, and assist you if you have forgotten your ID or password.